Today I am bursting with love. Ever had one of those days? Starving for hugs, sighing at any even slightly romantic lyric, thinking about how life is so safe just being with other people. My best friend and I always knew that if we held hands to cross the street nothing could ever hurt us. […]

25/30: knighted.

25/30: knighted.

So I didn’t take this picture but it was an important moment for me, so I made the exception. 🙂
Here I am being knighted by Kris Valloton and Bill Johnson the pastors at Bethel Church where I just finished the first year of ministry school.
It was a completely lifechanging year, and such an honor to be commissioned by such great men of God!

52 rolls

One roll of film for 52 weeks

at my fingertips

pictures, designs, and thoughts together at last.