Twelve Days in Iceland.

This April I got the opportunity to go with a group of amazing people to Iceland. It is such a breathtaking country! We had the opportunity to see the sights, make friends and visit a local church 🙂 We stayed in an apartment in downtown, which was great so that we could adventure and find our favorite places to eat lunch! (My personal favorite was Café Babalu! If you are in Reykjavik you should check it out!) Here are just some of my favorite shots! 🙂

Among these shots you will see Icelandic sweaters, the Harpa (Iceland’s Performing Arts Center), delicious food, Geysir, Thingvellir, Iceland’s largest waterfall, some of downtown Reykjavik, and quite a bit of snow!

icelandblog-11 icelandblog-24




Hello wordpress world! I feel so bad that all I’ve been sharing with you has been previews! but good news; it’s summer! Which means free time, free time to share my pictures with you! I’m excited! 🙂 I wish you all the happiest of weekends! Thanks for stopping by!

The beautiful couple shown in the picture above are actually my parents! We were on a roadtrip home and stopped in a random town at golden hour to snap a few pictures; the are super cute so I can’t wait to share with you all all the photos!



I had the privilege of shooting Barbara and Thomas’ vow renewal ceremony today! It was such a beautiful time and they are such a beautiful couple! As you can see they are so full of joy!

Sneak Peak: Chris and Elyssa :)


san francisco. march 2013.

DSC_0001 DSC_0027


Johnny! :)

Thank you Johnny for being me and Andreas’ practice subject!

P.S. Isn’t that fire sky really something?

Happy Birthday Ana!

Feliz Cumpleaños Ana! Es un privilegio realmente conocerte y ser amiga tuya! 🙂 Me encanto estar contigo en tu día y poder capturar los acontecimientos de la la noche!

P.D. Amigos: Ana tiene las otras fotos 🙂 Estas son solo algunas del ambiente, etc! 🙂

Beautiful Baby Lucas!

This is Lucas! You met his parents on an earlier post, and he is just like them! Full of joy, my roommate was babysitting and in like 15 minutes I got ALL of these smiles! 🙂

Top iPhoneography Apps (I)

So I have recently entered the world of iPhone-ography, and I must admit I’m cheating just a bit! That is, I don’t have and iPhone, I have an adorable blue iPod 5th gen! Three cheers for no monthly payments!


My iPod in its Speck case.
Photo taken with my slr, edited in Snapseed and collage made in Fuzel.

When I just got my iPod I took some pictures, edited them with instagram; you know the usual. I never quite understood how people got such beautiful shots though. Until one day talking with a friend of mine (check out his blog! He’s great!) he showed me a couple apps where you can do some pretty significant editing!

Here began a journey. I am  now addicted to downloading iPhone Photography apps!!! So I thought I would tell you all about the ones I love and what you can do with them.

Let’s get started.

Quick Overview, these are the apps currently on my iPod:

  1. Snapseed- Great for overall color corrections and exposure corrections.
  2. Afterglow*– Nice subtle presets.
  3. CameraBag 2- Fun presets and good UI
  4. Fuzel- The best app for collages in my opinion.
  5. Typic- The best free app for adding text to your images. Yes, hipster-style.
  6. Bezel- It just has a great minimalistic UI that’s fun 😛
  7. KitCam*- Does so much, it has some great tools for shooting, and good filters for editing.
  8. ActionShot- How to easily mash a subject moving in your shot into one picture. (Hard to explain)
  9. And well; Instagram- ’nuff said

The fun part is that all of the apps without asterisks are free!!


You’ve probably heard a lot about the Snapseed app; and that’s because it’s great.

Why do I love it?

  • Saves in full quality!
  • Selective editing. (For example you can make dark parts of a picture lighter with out blowing out the rest)
  • Easy to use and quick; in other words great User Interface.
  • Now it’s free! Completely free, no in app purchases.
  • I really like the tilt shift effect, it’s really pretty and you can control it more than instagram’s.

The “meh”s:

  • The presets like in the vintage, drama and grunge options are too obvious and in your face for my style. You can edit them down, but I find it’s too much effort; I’d rather go with another app.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the frames, again that’s a style thing.

Less talk, more pictures!

I shot all these pictures with my iPod with the default camera app and edited them solely in Snapseed! Now you see why it’s great! Don’t you love the tilt shift?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Part II Coming Soon!

Any questions about this app? Do you use it? Do you love it? 

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